Respectable ladies

Years ago I went for my placement interview in Malaysia after completing my MBBS. This was right after coming back to Malaysia from India.

I wore a grey skirt and white blouse. The outfit was from India. The skirt not too short to make me look like a slut and not too long to be a country mouse.It was called a midi skirt for a reason. The blouse was a female version of a shirt that was neither a shirt nor a blouse and was “respectable”. Closed neck, loose sleeves and not transparent material ! My outfit should be considered respectable..but not so, for you see, I grew up in India and one piece of clothing ( apart from undies) to cover my assets was not enough to be considered respectful. I also wore a petticoat  and an underskirt to complete the picture.( In the sweltering heat)

I was interviewed by a Chinese doctor. She was almost my height. She wore a tight fitting shift dress, (open neck, sleeveless) that was 4 inches above her knee and her lab coat was longer than her dress. ( it looked like she was only wearing her lab coat when you saw her from behind!)

She and I were doing the same thing. Saving lives. But somehow I could only save lives in India if I was dressed respectably..




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