In the late 90’s and early 2000, lot of IT professionals from India came to Malaysia to work. One could always tell the Malaysian Indians from Indian Indians. ( Aside from the tendency for Indian guys to hold each others hands while walking,love for stripped t shirt, bata sandals with trousers etc!!) You just have to see where the  guy is looking. If it is aimed at your breasts..surely he is from India.

I am not trying to paint the whole lot of Indian guys in a bad light. There are good guys..it is just that they are pretty rare. The guys I am talking about are the descendants of the guys who took weekend trips to kovalam to see the bare skin of the madamma.. You could even see these guys in Vancouver ! I know a mallu in his mid 30’s who  visited Whiterock in Surrey and got all excited after seeing bikini clad women  ( nokkeda nee kando..entey daivame !!!!)

I wear shorts all the time.

If a Mallu woman sees me in shorts..I am sure she would be denigrating me the moment she sees me. I would be considered ash poosh, fast, cheap etc etc. Then if the said  woman is married and is with her husband, she would look at her husband to see if he is looking at me!

But the same woman wouldn’t mind if an Aussie woman is wearing shorts and even if she minded, the Aussie would tell her to take a hike !

To this day, not one Aussie has ever stripped me in public with his eyes.

When I was in India, One time, I was wearing a saree and went shopping with the dude I was dating. The item that I wanted was in the bottom shelf and I bent down to get it. ( remember that I am wearing a saree). The dude I was with chewed my brain for showing my posterior to the staff at the shop for he was sure they were all looking at my butt and was ‘you know the rest’.

Here, I see women coming to the shops wearing bikini top and a towel wrapped around their bottom..often with their boyfriends, husbands, children etc. They don’t get hassled by their own kind.

It is only the Indians..

Why do Indian guys behave this way? Why do the Indian women insist on covering their body..and denigrate the ones who doesn’t?


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  1. A few years back, I was walking behind a girl wearing a jeans and an asymmetric top which showed a small triangle of her tummy. It was pretty small – much less skin than what is normally seen while wearing a saree. We were on brigade road, in the pre-mall era – and whole of Bangalore used to come there to see supposedly stylish people. I was with a friend, and we really enjoyed looking at everyone who came from the opposite side. All men were peaking, and women scowling.

    • Shij: it is really sad that respectablity of a girl equates to how she dresses. Any girl who shows a bit of her skin is not respectable therefor everyone can ogle and even sexually assault her by saying that she asked for it!

  2. leave alone shorts & bikini…even today if u step out on the streets of kerala without a dupatta ie with modest kurthis, u are sure to be scanned head to toe by women u come across that day!!! Nothing needs to be said about the guys no 😛 very weird people

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