“Somebody” please help !

Some time ago, a friend shared a post on FB, it was about some actor who needs money for medical treatment. There were a lot of clicks for “like”, but it was the comments that piqued my curiosity.

Each and everyone said the same “Can somebody please help?”

Not one person asked for the bank details or said they would help. They are all hoping for that magnanimous person to come by and help this poor soul. But sympathy , they have plenty !

Why bother sharing if you can’t even spend a dollar?

While we are dissing FB posts, there is another one that bothers me. It  is the post about UNESCO declaring Indian National Anthem as the best anthem of the world.  It is a hoax. Why in the world would UNESCO be interested in finding out the best national anthem?

As you would have noticed from the writings today, I am pretty crabby..It is so very hot ( heatwave) today and I feel murderous..

Until tomorrow

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