“Hmm” happens when I am overwhelmed with emotions and don’t have a box to put it all in.

Yesterday was the big graduation day. My son’s class teacher started her speech by saying ” All my life I wanted to be a grade 7 teacher and this year was the first time I was given that opportunity. And so on my first day, I walked excitedly to teach my first grade 7 class maths. Before 15 minutes was up, I am not naming names, but this young man told me I got the whole maths problem wrong !”

There was a moment of silence in the hall and everyone turned to see where my son was sitting. There was no need to name him.

His teachers sang Green day’s ” time of your life” my all time favourite song and also father and son by Cat Stevens



They also played Dr. Sues clip “Ohl the places you’ll go



There was a mother and son dance..and I got to dance with my son..

I have never lived for the future, neither do I care of the past. But as my son held my hand and danced with me..I just wanted the time to stop..Selfish I know.. may be even a bit silly..but he is my baby precious baby..and he is all grown up..and he will soon leave my nest.


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