You Changed!

I am a creature of habit. I rarely change the way I do things and am very weary of change. I still wear the same work clothes that I wore before Yaya was born. Of course I bought new clothes the past 14 years, but the new ones are very similar to the old ones.. I only wear pencil skirts and have worn the same style for the past 18 years. I don’t follow the fashion trends and all I am interested in is that I am always impeccably dressed when I am at work. ( not trying to blow my own trumpet la, but you would never find me at work with chipped nail polish, even a single strand of hair out of the coiffure or without my high heels.. but it is a total different story when I am on holidays! Now that I think of, surely there is a double personality hovering somewhere here !)

25 years ago, I met my physiology lecturer on the 2nd day of joining the medical college. I had wheezing and he was the doctor on call. He was reading a book at that time and I asked if I could borrow it after he finished reading it. It was the first English novel that I finished reading in one sitting! . ( seventh secret by Irving Wallace) Three things happened with that book, I realized that I could read and actually understand ‘serious’ books in English , that I am a quick reader and that I could borrow books from him. ( I am still trying to find the second book I borrowed..I always thought it was by Kushwant Singh, but I can’t seem to find the book. It was the story of an Indian boy going to study in US, his room mate’s name was Randy and he joined the mile high club on the flight back home from US. Anyone remember the book?)

Then the vibrator incident happened and I avoided him as if he had plague..

He used to a be a voracious reader 25 years ago, he was studying for PG entrance exam and he wanted to be an ortho.
He doesn’t read anymore, didn’t complete his PG and though he is working and earning a lot of money, he thinks he didn’t achieve anything in his life.
But he tells me that I have changed.
Have I?

4 thoughts on “You Changed!

    • Anitha: thank you!! Now I am even more confused! I got the name of the book I have been searching for so long, but it was published much later!! So the second book has to be a kushwant Singh .. Which one ? I have no idea!

    • No ma..20 years ago, I would have considered ! ( at that time he fulfilled all the criterias I was looking for in a guy.. “intelligent and well read”)

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