Few months ago, kids and I went to the lifeline op shop ( thrift shop) in Ipswich. I was looking at the pottery/ceramic items they have on display and baby was standing near the glass display cabinet. She called out to me and said “Mom, can you help me get this this hand fan and can we please buy it?” She couldn’t reach the top display shelf and as I walked towards her to help her, this middle aged woman heard my daughter speaking, looked at the item on display and quickly  grabbed it before I could reach there. (first come first serve scenario) . It was an ordinary Chinese hand fan that you can always find in the night markets in Malaysia. My child was very disappointed and I promised her I will get her a new fan when we go back to Malaysia.
When Yaya came back from Spain, she brought a lot of stuff for siblings.. But the one thing that made my hear swell with pride is this
 It is always the little things that matter.. always..

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