8 years ago, my son joined the kindergarten on a cold and wet autumn day. I carried baby on my back and held his small hand as we walked to the school that day. I think he was born with a sensor that told him where the puddles were. He  walked straight in to  the puddle  and splashed the muddy water. My jeans was soaked  so was his jeans !

He was always naughty, but when he had pneumonia and the Dr’s told me to arrange for his last rites, I never remembered all the good times I had with my son. All I remembered were the times I scolded him. And I promised myself that I will cherish every moment of my children’s life..

So I bought him gumboots..and he walked and jumped and splashed the muddy water in all the puddles and in winter he used to slide on top of the frozen surface..

What I remember the most about his kindergarten days was the annual school concert. His class sang “Spring time is garden time”. He was standing right in front, holding a paper flower and singing at the top of his voice and I could see that he was searching for me in the crowd, so I waved and when he finally saw me, his face lit up. I will never forget the smile on his face that day.

Yesterday was his grade 7 annual concert.

8 years have gone so fast !

I am pretty sure I gave my son a great childhood.. after all I let him walk through all the puddles ! I was a very generous mom with an absolutely loving heart!!!!, so I thought..

Not so !!

As we reached back home, I opened the door, let the kids in and thought I would check on my plants.

I should have known..

But at 9 pm, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was tired and  was thinking of making a cup of coffee as I entered the house after checking the plants. My son was hiding behind the door and he howled so loud, I missed a heart beat,

“Not in the night you monkey,You scared me, I missed a heart beat” I screamed. I was so angry with him !

He looked at me for a second and then very quietly asked

“Mom, You have a heart? Since when?”

I haven’t laughed so much in a while!

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  1. I discovered your blog through a happy series of accidents today, moving from one blog to another. I love how you write. It is simple and it brings out the fears, and the pleasures of life so well. My children are about as old as yours, and I could relate to many of the posts.

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