Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth !!!

Now that it is almost summer and the nights are warm and stifling, I go for midnight walks..
Yesterday Yaya decided to come along because she too couldn’t sleep.
The walk for me is to enjoy the peace and tranquility..
The walk for my child is to talk and talk..
She talked and talked and I hummed and hummed and nodded my head with my mind somewhere very far..
Then she said  “Mom, guess what?”
The normal rule of thumb is, the moment any of my children say ‘guess what?’ I listen and give my full attention, for it is something important..
But at 12.30 AM. no rule of thumb worked.
“Mom, I got my QAT ( Queensland Assessment Task tests run by the education dept)results and I got A+ for maths and science. I can’t believe I got an A+”
And her wise mother replied” Neither can I”
I really don’t know why I said that and I really didn’t mean it”

But the walk back was very silent..No amount of apologies seemed to have worked..

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