entey pana…

I have a full set of vision pots, two stainless steel sauce pans , one crepe pan and a wok. Vision set and the stainless steel pans  and the wok are older than Yaya. I hate to shop and don’t like to have too many pots and pans. So when I buy a pot, it is bought hoping to use it for life time.

Former Danish ambassador’s wife once told me that her husband never remembers her birthday/ anniversary etc and instead of feeling angry, she goes out and buys something for the house and consider it as her birthday gift  or anniversary gift etc.

So every year for my birthday I buy something for my house… and last year I bought a nice crepe pan. ( It costs me 129$). I have been wanting to buy a crepe pan for ages as my dosai kallu loved holding on to my crispy dosai and wouldn’t let it go..and each time I made dosai I swore..and told myself that I really need a crepe pan. It took me 14  years to buy a new one..and happily I chucked the dosai kallu in the bin.

Last Sunday morning I went for a walk..and when I returned I could smell pancake being made..Happily I walked in to my kitchen with a smile on my face and a song in my heart to find my son making blueberry pancake ( my favourite)..He is probably trying to earn brownie points after his behaviour at the basketball court..but nevertheless he was doing something nice and I appreciated it very much.
I really wanted my children to learn to cook.. It is a skill that will come in handy in their future..
and how touching it is to see that my son cared enough to make blueberry pancakes !!
It would have been the best pancake breakfast I ever ate.. if only the child of mine used a wooden spatula.. he didn’t..and I said good bye to my beautiful crepe pan..
( I didn’t get angry with my son because he didn’t intentionally damage the pan. I believe children learn from their mistakes..this was a costly mistake..and my son was miserable when he realized that he used the wrong spatula!!)

Now I am back to owning an expensive crepe pan that behaves exactly like my old dosai kallu and loves holding on to my paper thin crispy dosai and won’t let go..
Such is life

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