Endangering the welfare of the child..

Yaya’s party was on Saturday evening and I had to meet friends of mine for brunch on Sunday, I didn’t have time to cook before I left to meet up with my friends.
But there was plenty of food in the fridge.
Leftover Lasagna, goulash, rice and chicken curry.
There was  bread and all sorts of stuff you could use to make a decent sandwich, including home made guacamole !
There was 4 different types of instant noodles ( all made in Malaysia, the only kind my children like!)
There was Kraft dinner
Before I left, I told Yaya all the stuff that are available and asked her to make her own lunch.She is 14 and is capable of reheating food in the microwave even if she didn’t like to cook..so I thought

After her syncope spell and when she gained consciousness, the Doctor asked her
“What did you eat?”
She replied “cake”

The time was 8.20 pm..all day my child only had cake!

I kind of felt like Mary Antoinette with the guillotine blade around my neck !  I know she never said let them eat cake, but nevertheless the situation I found myself in was pretty daunting. I was guilty of endangering the life of a 14 year old by feeding her cake !
The doctor gave me ‘that ‘ look.
There was no point trying to explain that my child chose to eat cake instead of cooking something to eat..even if the cooking part is nothing but taking the lasagna out of the fridge and zapping in the microwave for 2 minutes, which her brother and sister did !

Sometimes..how much ever I try..I still end up feeling guilty..


2 thoughts on “Endangering the welfare of the child..

  1. Hi,
    I feel guilty whenever my child is sick. Even if it is a cold or feaver i feel it is because of my fault.
    we would like to see some photos of yayas party…
    What is Lasagna?

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