What I really want !

Totally vain post. Read at your own peril..

I go through this right after winter solstice every year.. as the days get longer, I start to panic..

Soon, it will be summer and I will be spending a lot of time at the beach..and all I want is “washboard abs”

Ideally, I should say, I am proud of my body. Three kids later, I still weigh the same as I was when I was in my 20’s. I should also say my flabby belly is part of my motherhood experience.
I could..but then I see other moms with flat abs !!
So what is my excuse?

Let us start with Gym. My sisters probably have life membership at the gym. They are systematic and dedicated. One sister even runs full marathons. Me on the other hand dreams of running, and when I think I should go for a run, I take a book and lay down in my hammock with a glass of wine..for there is still  tomorrow!!!
I am not going to spend money for a gym membership because more than anyone, I know myself. and my level of motivation ! I think the money wasted for the gym membership could buy few bottles of red..economically speaking, wine brings much more happiness!
I thought of buying a treadmill..but then again, I already own two sets of towel racks and don’t need a 900$ worth towel rack.
The last time, when I cribbed so much about my flabby abs, my sister got her trainer to plan a ‘simple’ set of exercise for me to do at home..It involved, huge gym balls, dumbbells, some elastic ( not sure what it is) ! Needless to say it was a wasted effort ! ( not on my part, because neither my sister nor the trainer understood the key word “simple”)

So here I am, few weeks away from hot summer days..swimming, surfing..
This is my plan
I am going to do 100 squats..( not one shot la..I do 10 squats x 10 times), knowing very well that squats won’t give me washboard abs..but it is the only exercise where I don’t need any equipment, don’t have to lay down  and is easy to do..So at least I can console myself that I tried..( even if I am targeting the wrong set of muscles..I should still get brownie points for trying, No?)

5 thoughts on “What I really want !

  1. Weight is irrelevant, whether you weighed less or more before you had kids. It's been through a lot and your 'flabby belly' is proof of that. Be proud!

    I weigh a little more now than I did when I was 20 – and I don't care. The number on the scale does not define me or my worth. And I am sure I will say the same if and when I have 3 kids too. Health is much more important than fitting into the same size that I was when I was 20.

    As for washboard abs – most exercise is futile – if you want to see definition – clean up your eating. There is a reason they say “Abs are made in the kitchen!”. If long amounts of time exercising bores you, try some High Intensity Interval exercises 🙂

  2. Sig: The trouble is, I know washboard abs are achievable and I hate knowing that I am just so lazy to work to get it. My sisters wouldn't even drink a glass of water if they have to go for a party and are wearing couture. I on the other hand is practically drunk before I leave for the party and already own a flabby belly !

    I have stretch marks and wear a bikini with not much worries. For you see, the stretch marks were part of my motherhood experience and there is nothing much I could do about it. Unlike the abs..which I could get it I really do proper exercise!
    I don't diet and I eat healthy food, so the weight has always been constant.

  3. You could try Pilates. It is not very intensive and you can change up the routine. It won't necessarily tighten the abs but it is good for toning muscle and strengthening the core.

  4. Hahah…fair enough. There's is definitely more to life than trying to achieve the 'perfect' look and definitely not at the expense of actually enjoying life!

    Lol – you have much more courage than I do – I've never worn a bikini – even at my thinnest. So kudos for doing that.

  5. Color coded: When I was looking for simple exercise for abs, the pilates 100 came up. I did think, it looked easy.

    Sig: It took all my will, 4 safety pins and a sarong wrap before I could wear a bikini the first time. After few times, you kind of get used to it.

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