Ah !

This morning, Yaya wore lip stick to school.

When she was in grade 7, friends of hers started wearing make up, Yaya commented that wearing make up to school is so overrated! and that she has better things to do !
I didn’t say anything then because I had been a teenager once,

I think the best part of being a mother is to watch your baby girl blossom in to a beautiful young woman.

My job was to hold her hand and guide her, watch over her and be there for her.

When she came to the kitchen to ask me “how do I look?”
I noticed the lip stick first.
“lipstick eh?” I asked.
“Yup” She said while grinning.
I also noticed that she didn’t apply the lip stick properly. I was tempted to fix it. Then I thought, it is her first attempt. She will learn to do it eventually.

Today I celebrate the arrival of a confident, beautiful young woman..my daughter!

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