I miss you.

Yesterday, I took a photo of the books I borrowed from the library. It was Yaya who noticed that I actually don’t have a specific reading pattern. I read anything and everything including recipe books!!

I read Tom Clancy first as it is a seven day loan.It was boring, there was way too much acronyms for various government agencies and because I can’t bear to leave a book half read, I persevered..and obviously I missed something. There is a section,¬†near the end of the book that presents an interesting twist and I didn’t get it.( When Samad was¬†captured) There is no way I would read the book again to see what I missed..

I remembered all those times I forced you to read a book that I finished reading because I wanted to talk to you about it. Often you kept aside the book you were reading and read my book because you knew I missed something in the book and need your help. You were my back up.

Two decades since you have gone..and I still miss you every single day.( Some days I am just so angry,,because the void you left behind is so bloody huge and I just can’t fill it)

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