another term

Another school term is over.

First the changes..
Beginning of this term, my son asked permission first before he went over to his friend’s house. Few weeks ago when I went to pick up the kids after school, he wasn’t there. He didn’t tell his sister either. He called me few minutes later to tell me that he is at his friend’s house and will be home around 6 or 7. ( By then I was already in panic mode!)
We had a huge row when he came back home for the reasons below.
I know he is growing up and desperately want to make decisions on his own. But till he is 18, he has to ask my permission first. I don’t have any issues of him going to his friend’s house, but I want to be told first because that is part of the deal of me being a mother!!!
I don’t operate an Inn where my children can check in any time. They have to be precise as to exactly what time they will be back home !! and if they are going to be late, they better have a good reason and call me and tell me the reason.

He wasn’t happy. As I have gone through the exact same thing with Yaya when she was in grade 7, I am confident that these rebellious acts of pushing boundaries part is temporary. ( keeping my fingers crossed)

Yaya does have occasional emotional outbursts, but I have learned to ignore her. Though I must say, at times I am  tempted to aggravate the situation when she argues for no reason.

Baby is still the same..Happy, contented, chocolate addict.

I also got their reports cards ( only the younger two’s. Yaya’s come by post)
I am pretty pleased with their reports.
There are two columns in their report. Achievement and Effort. I don’t so much care about the Achievement. But I do care very much about effort. I expect my children to give their best in everything that they do.
I also expect to see yes for Home work always completed and an A for behaviour.

This is the result of their hard work. Theirs alone.


 My son’s.

My pick of the week!

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