Top schools and top results!!

Do the schools play a major role in how your kids turn out?

Imagine this.
Inner city school.
More than 500 students.
55% of students attends ESL.
School serves emergency breakfast ( because a lot of students come to school hungry)
Some mothers pack extra sandwich in their children’s school lunch ( because there are kids in their children’s class who doesn’t bring lunch)
Some kids come to school in full goths attire
Some kids have two inch long multi colour mohawk
Some of the kids have parents in jail ( drug offences)
Some of the parents have full body tats.
Some kids have siblings in the same grade, sometimes in the same class ( kids born to different mothers, but same father..same time!)

That is the school my children studied when they were in Canada. Yaya from grade 2 to grade 5, toothless from Kindergarten to grade 3 and baby from kindergarten to grade 1.
My children still talk about how much fun their school in Canada was.
They had the most dedicated teachers. They learned not to look at life through a rose tinted glass. They learned to appreciate the little blessings they had.
Most of all, they still learned all the subjects kids in private school learned.

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