Please and Thank you.

I do not believe in Miracles. But then again, there are times my beliefs are shaken a bit.Yesterday when I came back home I saw this parcel outside my door. I wasn’t expecting any parcels. I checked the postmark and noticed it was send from New Zealand. Quickly I ripped the cover to see what is inside hoping against hope that it is that one item that I really want from New Zealand ..
Indeed it was.

There was a note inside. The lady who cleaned the place where we stayed remembered my youngest child holding Leppy in her hand. She said she remembered my daughter because my child had  said Thank you to her when we were leaving the place and left Leppy at the counter!
She found our address in the form we filled in when we stayed there and spend her own money to send Leppy to us.

I have always felt that children should learn to say please and thank you. The auto drivers in Kochi didn’t know what to say when each time my children told them Thank you, that too three times in a row, first Yaya, then toothless and then baby. ( and my mother was up in arms because no one says thank you in India and auto drivers were only doing their job, Besides by saying thank you, you are telling the auto driver that you aren’t from Kerala and he would charge you double!)

There are no words to describe my child’s happiness. She made a thank you card last night and gave me the money from her piggy bank to pay for the postage. I didn’t ask her for the money. She said, she is the one who lost Leppy and she must pay for the postage.

I am happy for two reasons. One, we got Leppy back. Two, my children have learned a valuable lesson that saying please and thank you does make a difference and they will remember to say their please and thank you because it is the right thing to do.

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