This is what I thought NZ would look like 20 years ago and it did!

 Lake Rotorua

 Geo thermal areas

In the distance you can see the faint outline of the volcano in the white island ( 200,000 years old)

 Lake Waikaremoana. It was a long drive from Gisborne. But I loved the lake . I have never seen the water sparkling on a lake surface until I visited Waikaremoana.

I taught my kids to skip rocks here ( again). They are getting better than me, so I had to resort to skip the rock when they were not looking and then scream and shout and say “oh mi gosh, did you see that? my rock skipped 10 times!!” BTW. it is lovely to see my son rolling his eyes!

Me, waiting for my kids to finish the luge ride at the Skyline ( rotorua)

Beautiful sunset at the western most tip of NZ

I loved this

Us at the Durie pedestrian tunnel

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