2 questions

There are only 2 questions that I can’t answer and hate it when I am asked those 2 questions.

When I said only 2 questions without answer, I wasn’t trying to be a smartypants.  The rest of the questions, if I don’t know the answer, I google it or go to the library and find the book that will give me the answer.

When we were in Rotorua ( Geo thermal areas), I was talking to my children about various sources of power ( Solar, hydro etc) and Yaya asked me a very simple question. Why is the center of the earth so hot? I didn’t know the answer. ( What did they teach me at school is still a mystery!)
I have been reading various theories since we came back to find the answer. So it isn’t that I know everything.

But the two questions I hate the most
1. What book are you reading?
2. Have you read this book?

I read an average of a book every 24 hours.I stopped looking at the title and author because it is impossible to keep track. Years ago, I used to have a note book where I used to write the title, author and a short description of the book I read. But it didn’t serve any purpose and I stopped writing down the details.
The libraries have all the new books on short term loan and that is where I get most of my books. I also visit the second hand shops every Saturday to go through their collection of books and also to donate the books I picked up the previous week.
This year for my birthday I was given a Kindle. I love the ease of downloading books in to the kindle. But I am not fond of kindle. As I mentioned before, I have eidetic memory and when I want to look for something  like a quote or a new word I read, I know exactly which page ( right/left) and often the page number where I can find what I am looking for. I can’t do the same in kindle and it bothers me very much!.
I also hate when someone asks me “have you read this book?”
Chances are I would have. But I do hate the interrogation that follows if I said Yes.

I read Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer in 1988.
I can tell you about the 2 portraits of Kane’s father and grand father that is hung in the board room. I can tell you about the silver bracelet. Why? Because I read the book laying down on beautiful eye’s lap and that moment was too precious, I was 17 years old, absolutely in love and the physical intimacy of laying down in some one’s lap has left an indelible mark on my being and I stored every bit in to my memory. I can remember the roughness of the cotton pants. I can remember his fingers running through my hair..
Some books have a reason to remember. Most books don’t. I read because I can disappear in to an unknown world and learn more things. But to answer those questions that follows if I said “yes” I read the book..Nah, I can’t be bothered.

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