He is..in one word
Handsome !!
Nah, make that two..Gorgeously handsome.
Curly hair ( dirty blonde)
Dreamy eyes
Beautiful smile..

Is simply gorgeous..
I have read about cornflower blue eyes..and even that description doesn’t do justice to her eyes..

He is 17 and she is 3. She is his daughter.

He has custody of his daughter for two weeks each month. He shares the house with few of his work mates ( tradies) and the two weeks he has his daughter with him, he stays home all day.
Father and daughter..
I see them most evenings when I am working in my garden. He takes her for walks every evening.
When they leave the house, he has the dog and the leash in one hand while he pushes her in the stroller..when they come back, he is still pushing the stroller..but  the dog and the child are ‘free’ running..you can hear them from far away..her laughter, the dog’s barking and the father telling..don’t run, go slow.. It is such a delight to see them.
He takes really good care of her. The garage is full of her toys..

I keep thinking about him..
While his friends are busy working, he is a stay at home dad.
While his mates go out drinking every friday, he stays home with his daughter..

I keep thinking..he is old enough to be my son..and what if it was my son..in that situation..
I have no answer.

And there was a time.. I was 27 years old..I just had Yaya..the child I wanted so badly..Most my friends were still single..and Friday evenings they all went to Bangsar..like we  used to before I had Yaya and I was home.. at times I felt..I was losing myself..my life..

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