My first home

My first home.. At that time the house was on stills. I used to park my car underneath the house. The new owners have made it in to a 2 storey..
I was told that the house was haunted. But the view was magnificent ( facing mount Kinabalu) and there was a creek at the back of the house.? I felt I could live with the ghosts if it meant that I can see Mount Kinabalu each morning and can listen to the soothing sound of water flowing in the creek. The house then had white walls and blue trim. ( the original door is still there). I never locked the door..There wan’t any need to..
I spend hours sitting in the balcony on a rickety old cane chair..watching the clouds and Mount Kinabalu playing hide and seek..

 The avocado tree I planted..

I had a clothes line here..and once found a big huge giant  snake when I came down to hang the clothes..though for all intents and purposes I am methran Thambi’s grand daughter, when it comes to snakes.. I am not so..From that day onwards, I hung the clothes upstairs on the balcony railings. There were also few bushes of wild roses..they smelled divine..I wanted to pluck the flowers, but because of my friend, the snake, I was too scared to go anywhere near the rose plants.. and I told myself..the flowers look pretty on the plant!!! ( much similar to the fox and the sour grapes)

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