I found raw green mangoes ( not that I am any good at identifying the type of mango..but it does look like kilichundan mangga and tell you what?? you can sail a boat in my mouth as I dream of eating uppumanga)
Ammachi used to make uppumanga with small green ones..The ones I found are not that small and I was wondering if I can quarter the mangoes and still make uppumanga? ( It is still brining the mangoes and I think it should be ok..has anyone tried it?)

At the risk of sounding too much Ash poosh..
I also found unakka kappa ..and …how do I cook it?? Do I soak it first and then boil and add all the ingredients? ( I know it is a sad day for mankind.. that I, grand daughter of famous Methran Thambi doesn’t know how to cook Unakka kappa)

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  1. hey my Ammachi used to make uppumanga with 'nattumanga'..i think u can make it with any kind mangoes with not so very thick skin and unakukappa ..u need to soak it overnight and the cook am drooling thinking of the uppumanga..:)

  2. grind coarsely grated coconut+green chillies+shallots+ turmeric powder+garlic(optional)and add it to the cooked kappa.At the end do a tadka with mustard seeds, curry leaves & shallots in coconut oil.

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