Travelling with kids

I have travelled with my children since they were babies. Once I visited Rome with three kids under the age of 5. I was still breastfeeding the youngest. It was a challenge flying with three kids. Being the pedantic person that I am, I planned everything to the very last bit before travelling. Baby food,diapers,Toys, books, snacks ,medicine and change of clothes all had to be packed and taken as hand luggage. Hotel was booked in advance and baby cot and play pen were arranged. So was the car rental and car seats.
Even after such careful planning, I was smart enough to have checked in the hand luggage ( including the medicine bag) and just as Murphy’s law dictates my daughter developed high fever midair. An hour in to flight and 12 more hours to land. The airline didn’t carry paediatric medicines and I had no choice but to sponge her down. ( The stress I was words can describe)
Travelling with kids was really stressful when they were young. But I wanted them to experience the joy of travelling and felt it would be better to start them young.
And now that the kids are older,it is so easy to travel with them. They pack their own bags, take the books and toys they want to take and are great company for long distance drive.
We can play hours “I see the cat on the roof and it is a …… cat” ( you have to describe the cat with each letter in the alphabet..alien cat, angry cat, bashful cat etc) and my son comes out with really wacky words..

We will be leaving for Malaysia soon.
I have not planned anything. I have no idea where we are going or what we will be doing.
I would like to do the Borneo Overland trail. Kids want to climb Mount Kinabalu. ( I am trying my darnedest to weasel out.).
I have promised my youngest that I will take her for diving in Sipadan Island for her 10th birthday. ( She can get her open water certification when she is 10 years old and she has been waiting so long to get her certificate) So I have to honour that promise.
But I am not stressed.
It feels so good to go for a holiday with no plans..
I am already dreaming of teh tarikh and roti canai..kway teow goreng , wah tan mee.., mamak mee..nasi lemak..all the kuih muih..

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