Croesus, Money and happiness

I received a mail (fb) from my senior few days ago. He was a very close friend of beautiful eyes. His mail was simple. He is going to Bangalore this Christmas and will be meeting few others to drink and remember the friend who died 2 decades ago. He wanted me to know that they ( friends of Beautiful Eyes) have never forgotten him. It was not just the mail that surprised me.. it was the subject..Croesus..
In 1988, beautiful eyes owned a Yamaha 350 cc bike. He was rich as Croesus and I told him the story of Croesus ( Tolstoy..Croesus and fate). He in turn told his friends about Croesus and the name stuck!!
Croesus was rich..very rich and he was happy. When you are the richest man on earth and happy because you have everything, you can assume that you are better than anyone..happiness is yours alone. There can’t be anyone happier than you. So Croesus thought..till he met the Scholar Solon and asked him if Solon has seen anyone more happier..Solon said yes he has..
He met a peasant in Athens who is happier than Croesus..
Story goes that, Croesus disagreed with Solon ( because Croesus had money and money brought happiness), till he lost his precious son in a hunting accident!!

I wondered if I could ask the same question to Solon??
How can I ask when I am wading in the quagmire of sorrow because you chose to leave me, instead of being happy for what I have?
So I decided to take a stock of what I have in my life rather than what I don’t have.
I have so much in my life that I am happy for…so much..

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