Oh the wonderful children of India

Apparently the ‘Indian’ Children are so wonderful..
Let me extol their virtues
They respect their elders by giving up their seat/recliner (even if there is an empty chair right next to the one they are sitting on)
They speak their mother tongue.
They study all the time and don’t waste time by reading story books.
They eat Indian/Malayalee food every day..
They ( girls) wear decent clothes like Salwars..
They ( boys) don’t waste their parents money on frivolous things like deodorants and hair gels
And the most important thing.. they never never never never talk about sex/hot guys/hot girls..

Where as my lazy children.. They speak English, Japanese, French and Spanish, but not their mother tongue, they ( girls) wear shorts to school, they never study and waste their time by reading story books. They like to eat pasta, steak etc that are not part of Indian culture, they talk about hot guys and girls and my son ( god forbid) applies hair styling gel on his hair every morning..

and I, their mother failed in my duty as an Indian mother to inculcate ‘indianess’ in them..
Must be a sad day for mankind.

8 thoughts on “Oh the wonderful children of India

  1. Sorry if this offends you, but these relatives sound like jerks. Seriously – what makes them think they can say that about your children after you extended a kindness and let them into your home?

    Despite that, wtf is wrong with all your kids do?! It seems like your relatives are stuck in a world whereby they are only always right. (I mean your last post about the curry made me mad as it was. Hate people like that who think that whole world revolves around them!)

    Smile sweetly and get them out darling!

  2. Silvara:It is all about culture cloning..the belief that ones own culture is superior to others and hence one must ensure that the next generation are cloned perfectly..so the superior culture express continue to thrive.
    My kids are least bit interested in being a malayalee..unless one can see beyond the borders of India and understand that it isn't a crime not being an Indian…people like my relatives will always find faults in those who break the cultural chains that tie us to our past.

  3. Sarah, I live in US and visits Trivandrum every year..FYI..I dont see any of my nieces doing anything mentioned by your relatives..They talk in English watch channels( the same one we watch in US) and are so different from all of us..
    They are very modern in thier clothing and in thier views and adaptive even if we like it or not..Maybe Your relatives dont get out from their homes that often to see that things have changed ..

  4. Prisy: It is those of us, who live outside India, who holds the key to 'keep our traditions alive' part.India has changed so much..but you are expected to hold on to every bit of 'indianess' when you are outside.
    How many kids in India goes for dance lessons? How many Indian kids in US/UK/Canada goes for dance/music lessons?
    How often have you seen parents sending their american born or canadian born Indian kids to India when they are in their teens to protect them western influence?? My relatives think chengannur is the center of the Universe and I think otherwise.

  5. Arrey, even Chengannur has changed! There are girls who occasionally wear trousers and in Kottayam nobody even raises an eyebrow at girls in jeans and short tops or guys in shorts. As you say, it's the folks who live out of the country who live in a time warp.

  6. One word that describes this:


    Yea in India kids are “tidy, neat respectful little robots who always do what their parents say, never speak or express opinions, or explore as it’s disrespectful, while everyone else in the world is corrupt and stupid.”

    I don’t think that was ever true.

    Yup Indian kids don’t drink, smoke, anything hence there’s no history of bad things like rape..etc. Bullshit: It’s very common, seen my relatives, even the younger ones drink. If your relatives get out more, they’ll know Kerala has the highest alcohol consumption and suicide rate in India (d/t their very narrow mentality many people can tolerate up to a point) in India, and that rape, murder..etc is prevalent. You always hear of fathers raping their little daughters (this happened in Kerala recently) and girl strangers (think of Delhi gang rape), and the police do not give a damn.

    My parents think like that to a tee. Just recently a few weeks ago they mentioned no one drinks in India and we should follow example, which is beyond the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Because even in my family and when I have gone to India alcohol was evident (and there was a huge instance where a few family members could have been killed). And I sat there thinking, you really don’t know your own homeland do you? I just think though even though hear of all these bad things, they refuse to acknowledge it that it happens in India and still think this way. And we get slammed for being ‘different’

    These things are common everywhere regardless wherever you live: US, India, China, Europe. It’s too bad your family members are still stuck in 18th century and live in their very narrow bubble. Sorry but this just ticks me off when Indians, particularly mallus show big ego and think they are superior.

    Now to think of what, I think in India, murderers, rapists..etc arise from the fact that they have been heavily controlled by their parents all the times that they just didn’t get a chance to breathe or vent out their frustrations d/t the pathetic mentality (and pain) their parents inflicted on them when young.

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