He is 11..
Almost my height.
inherited my fiery temper.
Loves to play soft ball with me.
hates cleaning his room.
will complain till the end of time when I ask him to do simple things.( feeding the chooks or collect the eggs), yet when I am doing anything that involves actual physical labour(carrying the grocery bags to the car etc), he will help me without me asking him.
I have never asked him to mow the lawn, he does that on his own initiative.
I go after him like a ton of bricks when he puts all his T-shirts for washing. ( he does that to avoid hanging his clothes in the closet. When we go out somewhere, He takes 5 to 6 T-shirts from the hangers, try them on and won’t put them back, instead he puts it all for wash knowing that I will most likely hang them in his closet when they are dry!!) He still does it every single time!
When I ask him “who is his current crush?” He answers “mom, I am a boy, I can’t just have crush on one girl!!!”
When he is hungry, he eats a can of tuna, he actually takes a can of tuna as a spare in his lunch bag, just in case..
When I drop him at school and if he is mad at me ( often because I make him fold his blanket), he will walk off without giving me a kiss. All I have to do is wait..cause I know how much ever angry he is, he will still come back to give me the kiss.
My job each morning is to pick what deodorant he should use. He has a collection of Lynx.
He thinks I am a super cool mom because I bought him an AC/DC T-shirt..
But more than anything..he download songs for me. He listens to almost same type of music that I like.
This was send yesterday. I haven’t heard this song for ages .. I actually prefer Garth brooks singing the song though..

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