Today, my baby had to take her shower using freezing cold water and I am responsible for it.
I feel very guilty.
All three of my children take their shower in the morning and Yaya takes the shower first, because she has to catch the bus to school.
Qld has water restriction and I used that excuse to get everyone to take a quick shower..Which worked pretty well, till Yaya declared herself to be the queen of the household and decided to take an hour long shower and finish the hot water in the tank!
I explained, threatened, cajoled, pleaded for her to think of her younger siblings, especially the youngest child who never gets any hot water..
Nothing worked.
Today I turned off the hot water after 10 minutes.
She had a very cold shower… really cold shower.. she was shivering when she came out..
I feel so miserable.
Being a mom is a wonderful with guilt is not so wonderful.

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