Cultural police

I wonder if it is the cultural ideology that has been forced down the throats of Indian generations over the years that makes them so damned blind.
We started with Bharath Matha, then there were other’s that glorified the maternal roles played by women, ( how often one found wonderful mothers and villainous mothers in law in the hindi movies..)
Biju, what you and ilks of you won’t ever understand is that
Carrying a child for 9 months, giving birth, wiping the child’s butt will not make one a mother. ( every animal in the animal kingdom does that..may be not wiping the butt.. )

There are mothers who aborted their baby and not even give that baby a chance to be born, (often a female foetus). what do you call them?
There are mothers who abandons their new born babies in the skip to be eaten by stray dogs, what do you call them?
There are mothers who never fed their daughters, what do you call them?
There are mothers who sold their daughters? What do you call them?

Carrying a child, giving birth, breast feeding, bathing, cleaning after a child..anyone can do it.
The above acts, however will not give you an immunity from all the abuses you have inflicted on your child. ( the mother’s in India continue to get immunity because, neither the court nor the justice system will ever accept that a mother can do harm and so long as people like you continue your charade of maternal glorification, children who have endured abuses in the hands of their mothers keep quiet and suffer in silence)
When you can understand that simple fact being a mother is not about giving birth and taking care of your baby, perhaps then you will be able to accept that just as there are good mothers, there are evil ones too.
Much as it hurts to say it, mine was and is an evil one.
If you were fortunate enough to have had a good mother, consider yourself lucky, but don’t you dare take the liberty to tell me that just because my mother did all the carrying, giving birth etc to me, I must simply accept her abuses.

2 thoughts on “Cultural police

  1. I agree with Sarah
    Just because you are fortunate to have a good mum doesnt give you the liberty to judge people .
    I cant say I have an “evil ” mum, but I was always the less favoured in my family , by both mum and dad and had to literally beg my parents to get me the basic stuff, including clothes, while my brother always had every thing including all the luxuries you could have including cars, laptops …
    And what hurts me more is that it is only 2 of us , not that my parents had to cater to the needs of 100s of kids.
    I am in my mid 30s now, have a high powered job and can buy things for myself , but still feel insecure because of everything I went through.
    And one more thing, now my parents dont even “remember” all the things they have done , “selective memory loss”

  2. I agree with you 100% Sarah. Giving birth and taking care of a child is a task that animals do too. We humans need to nourish the soul of a child along with tending to their physical needs. A child learns compassion, security and love from his/her family and mostly from parents. Any -ve behavior from parents can leave lifelong scars on child's mind and effects manifests in all aspects of their life. Indian parents hide easily behind the culture of “greatness”, by virtue of mere giving birth and providing for child’s minimal needs, out of obligation. For a girl child overall, chances are lesser, when it comes to love and equal rights as compare to their male siblings.
    In know so many people who abort the girl child (and are super rich), mothers and fathers who favor their male child more on daily basis, celebrate only boy’s birth. Even today in our family, (not me), they still celebrate a boy’s birth. Still when I talk about this happening in India, and so many Indians living overseas pretend that they have never heard of it, look at you like you are from some other planet.
    And yes, selective memory loss is a very common phenomenon in these cases.
    However, you cannot allow any one the liberty to talk to you like that. Give that a piece of your mind and shut them down completely from contacting you. In developed countries, it is not even mandatory to fill out a father’s name on birth certificate, as it does not matter, whose sperm was responsible for a child’s life, it is the CHILD and LIFE that matter the most.

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