two days ago, I was in the kitchen getting the breakfast and school lunch ready. The fact that I was sick ( bad case of flu) and that I got up late didn’t make it any easier.

I could hear Yaya rummaging through my closet.

I looked at the clock. 7.02 am

I was planning to make a wrap for lunch and found that the packet only had two tortillas..

I hate it much when I have to change my plans. I was getting agitated by the minute

“You are running late” I hollered out to Yaya

“Mom, I am not blind” She replied

I was tempted to ask “really? ” But held my tongue

I can see the bus stop from the kitchen

I watched the 7.15 bus that my child is supposed to take arriving and then leaving the bus stop.

“You missed the bus” I couldn’t resist announcing

“So? There is always another bus Mom” she replied

true also I thought.

Finally she came out of her room.

I looked at her.



according to my son, it was the first time he saw my jaw dropping to the ground.

This is what I saw

She wore my bright tie and dye t shirt, a blue shorts, she had an assorted sets of jewellery on her neck, all mismatched. She wore a giant stone necklace as a head batik sarong as a cape. she held a wand in one hand and flowers in the other hand.

“What?” She asked

I still couldn’t talk

so she replied

“Today is super hero day at my school and I decided to be captain colourful”

Finally I asked her

“Are you going to take the bus to school” Somehow I couldn’t really picture my child wearing such an outrageous costume and daring to take the public transport.

“Why not?”

Her siblings and I watched her walking to the bus stop, we could see everyone looking at her and we could picture everyone staring at her as she walked to the school from the bus station.

My son summed it all up

“she is cool”

I agreed

3 thoughts on “CC

  1. Susan: Yup, she is totally cool
    Aditi: I was too stunned to have thought about taking a picture. I wish I had. I was hoping to take a photo when she came back, but didn't get around to.

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