Apple and the tree part 2

I received this as an email from my son requesting me to excuse him from his religious education class.

Religious education is extremely boring, all we ever do is sit around listening to our really boring teacher talk about how god created the world and about the whole bible (last term we went through the whole old testament bible and this term we are doing the new testament) in her funny accent (no offence to her).

Why I don’t believe in god:

If god were real, then why would there be sin on this planet? why would he “let us” do what we want? If he was real then why would he not prove it by coming down to earth and showing himself instead of letting millions of people die due to what they believe in? What is the point of creating us when we are going to die one way or the other? If god or Jesus were actually real (or any of the gods) then why not prove it instead of leaving it to an old book that we don’t even know who actually wrote? And why did “Jesus” only come down to earth about a gazillion years ago? why cant he just show himself and let all the people see that he actually exists instead of letting people kill each other because one of them doesn’t believe in him.

What I would do in my time instead of religious education:

I would go learn about something that we know actually exists in this world either on the computer or from a book or I would get on with my school work or any catch up work that i have not done. Instead of wasting time listening to someone go on about something that we don’t even know exists, i could learn about something that would actually help me get on with life and actually gain some knowledge about real life issues.

Mom, Please excuse me from Religious education because of these reasons.


Ps: I love you 🙂

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  1. Nilu: Since I have no valid arguments to disagree with him, I have written to the school to excuse him from religious education..
    Oddly enough, my youngest absuloutely enjoy her Religious education classes and is currently reading everything about deadsea scrolls, because she beleives it validates her points that, what ever is written in the bible is true.

  2. Hi Sarah! I do not agree to “i have no valid arguments”…..i choose to differ from your sons point of view…cos i have my own aged eight…who gives the same reason for whatever he does not want to learn ( …and his dislike is seasonal). The most simple argument is all that he learns otherwise in all other subjects are mostly never going to be useful to him in life. Gaining knowledge is regular process…when we will use it …or how it will be useful to us only time will tell.

    When i read this post from you……..i was looking forward to your reply …… i was looking for inspiration.

  3. Susan: I really didn't have any valid points to counter my son's reasoning. He stated his reasons, told me what he was going to do with the extra time he would get by not attending the religious education (RE).
    I agree that learning is a life long process and wanted my children to make an informed decision. I am a practicing athiest and yet, I have allowed my children to attend the RE because I don't believe in forcing my values on my children.
    My son is 11 and is beginning to learn to make decisions in his life. So long as he gives a valid reasoning, I will stand by him. Religion is a personal choice and if he chose to be not religious, I have no issues with it.
    He is a talented mathematician and I admire his sensible approach and reasoning skills.I refuse to fight a battle on the basis of fear and intimidation or the fact that I am his mother and I know (?) what is best for him !

  4. I am glad you got him out. God is a discovery, a journey, not one that can be taught in class.

    Moreover he sent a very methodical email stating the reasons as to why he wants to get out and what he will do in a very mature way. I think his maturity must be recognized.

  5. Hi,
    Your questions are valid ones. I am sure you will find answers to them as you grow and keep an open mind about them. But I believe sin occurs due to one's freedom to choose. And freedom is the greatest gift we are given as persons. Jesus was God's answer to man's problems. Jesus took upon himself the consequences of the bad choices you and I make. People die because nature takes its course. But we can live after this life because Jesus came to give us eternal life (John3). We reap what we sow. If we sow violence, we reap death. History has proved that the disciples of Jesus wrote the books of the New Testament.As in the first Pentecost (Acts)God continues to love us in spite of who we are by giving us His spirit. When we misuse freedom bad things happen as a consequence of our actions. In your search for the truth, I would encourage you to gain self-knowledge and consider who has given you your life and what makes you who you are. I pray that you find God's love in you and for you and that he will reveal himself to you through a special person or even through a dream you might have.

  6. Shyla: Today is pro D day here and My son was sitting next to me when I read your comment. I showed it to him and asked him if he would like to reply.
    He said, “mom, I don't wish to argue about religion, however, my point is still the same..I refuse to believe something that can't be validated and if Jesus was God's answer to sin, so is Rama, Krishna, Budha and Seus..

  7. Hi,
    Your son is wise in not wanting to argue. Neither do I. Can God be validated? God would not be God if he could be. I would say that faith is a gift of God and Christianity is paradoxical, if you do not believe. But there is no other god who has laid down his life for another, who has shed blood to save another. Jesus' sacrifice shows me that God does care about me.

  8. shyla: I have taught my kids to be responsible for their own actions, to care, to love and to accept the ups and downs in their life without adding God in to the dimension.

    I do not wish to teach them something that is hearsay.

    I stand by my son if he chose not believe in God. He has a right to believe or not believe.

  9. Sarah,
    I respect your choices.
    God is a big part of my life and I could not but respond to your son's situation.
    Someone in my family send me your recipe on orappam and that is how I came across your blog. I enjoyed looking at your other recipes as well.Occasionally I make orappom after I learnt it from my mother-in-law.

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