That is the time on my clock.

My youngest is sleeping next to me.
She laughs ( really) in her sleep. it has often puzzled me to watch her laugh in her sleep. My mother used to say, children smile in their sleep when they see angels and I wonder what my child is seeing that is making her laugh !!

I am tempted to get up and turn off the fan in Yaya’s room. It is 7 degrees outside! but the thought that I am turning out to be like my mother prevents me..

I am sure my son must have dozed off while reading his book and I really should get up and remove his spectacles..

I know the fire must have died out in the fireplace and perhaps I should get up and add another piece of wood.
Somewhere in the distance I can hear a bike..i think it is the same rider who rides past my house each night.
I often wonder what job he does that he comes home at mid night. I also wonder how come I never hear him going to work..

I am reading “the space between us” by Thrity Umrigar..
She has written..the secret of loneliness, how to live with it, how to wrap it around your body and still be able to make beautiful, colourful things..
I am lonely
and I am tired of making beautiful, colourful things..

2 thoughts on “12:54

  1. 🙂 Thats a lovely book Sarah . If you like Umrigar, please also read first darling of the morning. Loved it!

    ps: Please post more often …

  2. Aditi: Up until I read the space between us, i have not even heard of Umrigar. Someone left a box of books outside my door few weeks ago ( till now, I have no idea who gave me those books, I have asked all my friends) and Umgrigar's book was one among them. I plan to read the rest of her books.. I love the way she narrates..I could actually see the Pathan balloon trader.. I could see the mountains and the clear blue skies in his homeland!!

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