Years ago, One of my juniors in the medical college was arrested for arson and the fact that he is an American Born Indian made it all the more interesting for the Bangalore police, who decided to lock him up!
His mother arrived from US few days later to plead for her son’s release.
She went straight to the Director General of Police and told him
“I have taught my son the Upanishads by the time my son was 7 years old and have raised him well. I go to temple every day and I can guarantee that my son would never do anything that is against the law”

Yesterday my son’s best friend got suspended from a school run program for brighter kids cause he said something inappropriate to another kid.
According to his mother
“My son doesn’t even know such inappropriate words, I go to church every Wednesday and Sunday and I know for sure my son is innocent”

Neither the mothers asked their son if they were guilty of the offense. They assumed their sons are innocent because they are religious.
In the first case, the guy set fire to few more hotel rooms before the Indian govt cancelled his visa!
In the second case, the boy walks around the school, boasting to everyone that his mother believes in him and will always bail him out.

2 thoughts on “Immunity

  1. Both the mothers of the 'My child would never do that' kind, who are going to/did probably end up having major trouble with their children. It's always better to think that your children are not saints, just ordinary human beings. Then you can help as the need arises, and not before it's too late and/or help is completely rejected.

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