Itchy feet

Nope, I don’t have fungal infection.
I am dying to travel.
Kids have school hols from tomorrow
and I am so miserable.
I want to go some where..any where..
It is so frustrating..

Life was pretty simple until now.
Now, everything revolves around my work and my children’s school. I was offered a damn good job in longreach. ( and incredible perks!!) I couldn’t take it because there is no good school there and Yaya wants to complete her Spanish Immersion.(2 more years)and then she wants to move to US and live with her grandmother.

In 2 years my son will be in high school!

in 4 years my baby will be in high school.. ( now that is scary..I can kind of accept the older two growing up..but it is so hard when your youngest actually grows up..)

so technically I am stuck. I won’t be able to travel like I did all these years and that is making me pretty sad..melancholic..upset..( ok, I am out of words)

I will now have to think about buying a house..which terrifies me..cause it will be the Albatross on my neck.. financial management is my forte and I, more than anyone knows paying rent is throwing money down the drain..but the freedom of being able to leave everything with one month notice..there was nothing that can compare to that. (besides I still have my condo in KL.)

And finally, though crabby as I might sound, I am actually ecstatic..Today, I used my salary packaging to book my dream car !!!
and no it isn’t Tesla (How I wish)..
but was always always always my dream car..even before Tesla was invented..

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