Idli rava

Quick question
1. what is idli rava? How is it different from normal semolina?
2. How do you use it to make idli?
3. proportion of rava and urad dhal
4. Can I use urad dhal flour instead of urad dhal and mix the idli rava and the urad dhal flour, keep it over night to ferment?
Would appreciate it much if anyone can help me.

Now here is the idli love story.
My Amma’s idlis could be used to teach the aerodynamics of parakkum thalika . They were so hard that we begged her not to make them, but the fact that one pressure cooker and one idli thattu equals one breakfast for entire family ensured that Amma loved to make idli.. So all through childhood I was never fond of eating idli.
At the medical college hostel mess they served rava idli and I preferred to eat the vada!!
Then when I was expecting Yaya, all I wanted was to eat Idli..and I was willing to travel all the way to Puchong from Ampang to eat idli. The same story was repeated with the other two..and funnily enough..all three of my kids still ask for idli and coconut chutney..and their mother loves masala dosai..any day, any time..

3 thoughts on “Idli rava

  1. I have been reading your blog for some time.To your query about idly rava It is coarsely ground boiled rice. Semolina is from wheat.take 4 portions of idli rava and soak it for some time soak 1 portion of urad dal for 1/2 an hour.Grind urad dal into a fine paste.Squeeze the water out of idli rava and add to the batter.Grind for few more minutes.Add salt and ferment it.Out of ordinary idli batter you can also make dosas.But if you use idli rava you can only make idlis.

  2. Soumya: Thank you

    Kalyani: Have you ever used Urad dhal flour? I make uzhunnu vada from urad dhal flour and was wondering if i could make idli with the flour rather than soaking the dhal and grinding it..

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