Can someone tell me
If you send a message to someone on facebook, and if that message gets send to the recipient’s iphone, would it be send from the sender’s email address or from facebook.com?
If it is from facebook.com, can the recipent tweak her facebook account in such a way that, the senders email id will be shown?
My daughter send a personal message to someone on fb.
The message was send to the person’s iphone by fb.
The person claims, she got my daughter’s email id from the message.. is this possible?

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  1. No, it is not possible to get the email id just bcoz it was sent to an iphone,

    assuming the e-mail id is blocked (hidden)on the facebook account, it is not possible to get it at all

    but if the email id is not hidden then all the person has to do is to go the profile

  2. Hmmm, I don't get it.
    Couldn't your daughter have put the email address in the message?
    The I-phone facebook app gives you pretty much all the access FB has – you can quickly get a persons emaila ddress from their facebook profile if they have set it up that way.

  3. Make sure she hides it in her profile Page..
    FB keeps changing the Privacy settings..So I know many people whose address, phone and DOB are visible to all..

  4. i am extremely protective of mine and my children;s privacy..and my daughter's email id on fb is not visible to anyone except her. ( i set it, so I know)She only gives her email id to someone we both know.

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