Catch 22

Now that the kids are older it is time for me to go back to work..
I know that.
I have always been told that I was lazy or that I never tried hard enough or that I didn’t use the opportunities that came my way.. ( after all opportunities only come once and I have been busy knocking them off my door deliberately)

So here I am, few months short of my 40th b’day, struggling with the proverbial catch 22 situation of overqualified/under qualified for any job.

All I want right now is a job, so I can shut the mouths of those accusing me of being lazy or trying not hard enough or not using the opportunities that came my way.

All I keep hearing is, oh you are too qulafied for this job, we surely will keep your resume in our data base. If I take the degrees off my resume, then I am too underqualified..

And No, I didn’t post this to gather the sympathy votes of blogging community. I am just so damn tired.

4 thoughts on “Catch 22

  1. Have you thought of doing tutoring/part time teaching. usually no-one is over or under qualified for that job. Start it as a home business and tutor kids from home etc…

  2. Even I was looking for the English word for Neerkoli and landed on your blog and before I knew I had read 30 odd of your posts!! I love it 🙂 Keep writing. Simple and soulful. What most ppl would hesitate to write, you word them straight from the heart. Good going. I am from Kerala and NO you need not take a step back 🙂

  3. Work for women especally with small kids mostly not optional, but an obligation, money being the #1 reason. They leave the little ones at home and go to work, to get the things going, even if the other partner is working.

    I have always wondered in your case (knowing you only from this blog), how you have managed to take care of your household financially. Moving from country to country can be very expansive (with kids..wayyyyy to expansive), let alone routine expanses, which cannot be met without working/or a solid source of income.

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