Byron Bay

The need to travel is the most when my mind is restless. I always had a special place to go to where ever I live. There is no particular reason how a place becomes my refuge..It just happens.

My refuge so far has been
My ancestral home in Chengannur
Thirunakkara temple in Kottayam
Travelling on the Island express ( either stretch )
MG road in Bangalore ( from the bible society office all the way down to kidskemp!)
NH 4 ( mostly the Hoskotte to Kolar Gold fields)
Bukit Tinggi in Malaysia.
Po Ling Chinese temple in Jln Ampang
Drive to Princeton from Vancouver ( Highway #3)
Vidette lake in Kamloops

I couldn’t really find my refuge in Australia all these while.. No place seemed right. Few weeks ago on a whim I drove to Byron bay. Kids wanted to eat fish and chips and I was told Fishheads in Byron bay serves the best fish and chips!

It was a beautiful drive.

After buying the fish and chips, we sat on the rocks by the side of the road and watched the surf.
I felt so peaceful watching the waves break. ( perhaps it is the Piscean in me)
I remembered Jon Kabat Zinn saying “You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf”

So surf I will!

2 thoughts on “Byron Bay

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Most of us find refuge in the place where we spend our childhood. Where all of us have only happy memories. Where we spend our days playing with friends and family. And for most people till they are atleast 15, they will be at one place itself. So, unknowingly that place becomes their refuge.

    I was wondering if your kids might miss this. They are travelling a lot. As they grow up and think back, wont they get confused. Wont they feel that there is no single place which they can call their own? Although i am sure, each place only gave them lots of happy memories, wont they get confused as to where they truly belong?

  2. Smitha: I really don't know the answer to your Question. I have often thought about what my children consider as their identity..
    Right now they consider themselves to be Canadian..In 4 years would they consider themselves to be Aussie? I don't know.. Does it matter? I don't think so.

    I have asked them if they prefer to stay in one particular place. The answer has always been No.

    Xiao He ( the three heroes of Han dynasty) Said to the Emperor, Make my home anywhere within the four seas..The world is my home..
    Perhaps that is all I can give the kids..They have to find their destiny, their Shangri la.. and it shouldn't be through me..

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