Time of my life

This trip to India was something I have been wanting to do for years..
I even had a list of things I was going to do..
I am here for another 10 more days.
So far I have done 10% of what I had planned to do. I should be disappointed. But I am not.
It feels like I finally managed to to put my life on pause..It was like a run away train until now.. I am so much at peace…

I have been reading..It is such a delight to go to the book shop and pay 250 Rs for the latest Paulo Coelho’s book. I can afford to buy all of Coelho’s books and still won’t have to rob the bank!

I even managed to read a malayalam novel, which is an achievement because I haven’t read a malayalam novel since 1986. I read Akamiyam by John E Abraham..(absolutely a brilliant book)

Now the most oddest thing I missed when I came to India is…
Bread !!!
Especially raisin toast.( I always hated bread and only ate it when I was really lazy to cook something, which happens very rarely.. Right now, I would love to have a nice cup of coffee and a raisin toast at Mackers!!)

Craziest thing I did in India..I learned to smoke!!
Will I be a smoker? time will tell..
( Eating my own words about why one shouldn’t smoke has been a pretty bitter experience though!)

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