I want to kill my sister.. I really do!

I don’t know what is wrong with my family.

My 12 year old daughter tells me that her wonderful aunt(my supposedly older, wiser sister!!!!!) told her that, she would buy her sexy lingerie when she is ready to sleep with her boy friend.


12 yr old? who still believes in Santa? Sexy lingerie? Sleep with her boyfriend at this age?
Is that what an aunt should be telling her niece?
I am sure my sister thinks she is a pretty cool aunt..
but there is a time for everything.
Unfortunately I am stuck with this stupid family.

I remember my early teenage years in Kerala..
Malayalee aunts had some perverse satisfaction humiliating girls on the verge to become women.. Mine used to pull my t shirt down and laugh.. My sister used to join them.. they created so much of drama when I wore my first bra..I hated growing up.

I don’t want my daughters to grow through what I went through..

It is so hard to protect ones children from ones own family..

4 thoughts on “I want to kill my sister.. I really do!

  1. Thats unforgivable. Even I feel angry. If I could get ur sister now,maybe I can do the job for you.

    Just hang in there. I dont know what, but there might be something bigger waiting for you out of all this trauma

    And U have done a great job with ur daughter. She atleast felt like telling her mom. Shows her trust in you.

  2. You should just return the favor. Why don't you mail some over to your niece/sister's daughter…or make sure your wonderful mom hears of this advice too. That might convince her to move over there for some time and get out of your hair =)

  3. Jina: I am still so upset..

    Ann: I can't. I am the only one with kids..My sisters are all career women..And u think Amma sees anything wrong in my sister?? My sister according to my mom is an angel and she can't do anything wrong!

    Phoenix: fortunately my sister doesn't have kids.. unfortunately she thinks my kids are hers and she is a better mother to them than me!!

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