Kochu Maharani

Last month if someone told me that one day I will go back to Kerala and settle down, I would have laughed my heart out.
Me, living in Kerala?
The only connection I have with Kerala is that I own a Kerala saree, which by the way I haven’t worn for years.
I don’t think like a Malayalee or act like a Malayalee.
I love the comforts the western society offers.
I like my anonymity
My freedom.

Yet, beginning of this month, I thought about the monsoon rain, school reopening, bata shoes, eating fried unakka kappa with coconut slivers.
There was a tiny ache somewhere in the heart.
I tried to tell myself that it is nothing.
But I knew I am lying to myself.
It is time Kochu Maharani went home.
Perhaps it is time for the New Amma Maharani!

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