Eureka moment

There are moments in life one realize how dumb one can be..I didn’t just have a moment.. I had 20 odd years to figure this out and only did so last week.

I was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in one ear when I was about 11.
I had a walkman from that time, but could never enjoy listening to music using headphones. Everytime I used a headphone, it would hurt my ears and I knew it had something to do with my deafness. But had absolutely no clue why it was hurting.

Last Christmas I was asked what I wanted by the family and I asked for an ipod.

I was so excited to finally own an ipod. I spend days downloading all my favourite songs.
Then i had the same problem,
My ears were hurting when I used the headphones. For two months I did what the fox did in the Aesop’s fables (munthiringa pulikkum) and ignored the ipod. But I really wanted to listen to music, especially when I read.
I wanted to know why i was having so much trouble with head phones.
I finally figured it out.
Stereo and Mono sound!!!!
With single sided deafness, I need mono.
And I finally found a company that makes products for people with deafness.
I can finally use an ipod! Why I didn’t know this earlier?

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