My son escaped suspension from school by hairs-breadth.

Lately he has been making bow and arrow out of paper clips, rubber band and tooth pick. ( he blunts the edge of the tooth pick!)
I sat with him and explained to him about the dangers of bow and arrow and told him that at no time will he take the bow and arrow to school. He was also told that he cannot point the bow at anyone or even attempt to shoot at anyone.
I had told him about the arrow hitting in the eye and how dangerous it can be.

He understood everything!!! That is what he told me. He was only going to practice shooting the fence with his bow and arrow. He told me that he isn’t stupid to shoot someone, because the arrow, though blunt can still maim someone!

He told me that he wasn’t going to take the bow and arrow to school because it could be considered a weapon and how a student in his school got suspended for bringing a knife to school.

Yesterday he made a bow and arrow at school using ice block sticks ! ( he didn’t disobey me by taking it from home, he took the supply from his teacher’s art box)

Then he aimed at his current girl friend and then shot her. Fortunately she moved and the arrow didn’t hit her.
The girl went and complained to her class teacher.
Fortunately for me, the teacher gave my son a warning and took away the bow and arrow.

This is the kid who should be aware of the consequences of his action.
Why didn’t my son think of what will happen if the arrow hit someone ?
Why didn’t he think that bow and arrow is considered a weapon and is not allowed at school?
why didn’t he remember that he will be in big, huge, giant trouble? both at home and at school.

I still don’t understand my son.
I don’t know if I can bring this child up without him getting suspended from school.
I punished by taking half of his savings (He was saving for a RC helicopter) and donating the money to charity. It broke his heart. We also had a big discussion about how our actions affects us.
I thought my son understood everything..
This morning the first thing my son wanted to do was to make a crossbow with a pencil.
It is like he owns a magic eraser. All that happened last night is forgotten.
What do I do?

3 thoughts on “hairs-breadth

  1. sarah, i think you are being over-cautious about your son. give him some freedom. it is great to have a child who is active and innovative. he understands the problem of the situation, but he might have been too tempted to try. i remember doing a lot more mischevious things during my childhood. and am happy abt them. as for the teacher, it is her duty to warn the students. please don't suffocate the boy 🙂

  2. Rocksea: Thank you so much for your comment..
    The thing is, my son had plenty of run in with the laws at school this year and has been warned by the Principal that the next time it will be suspension. The schools are no longer lenient as they were when we were children.( Nobody would have been suspended for bringing a blade to school in the 70's and now it is one week suspension) The worst is any suspension will be marked in his record and will follow him.. So changing the schools or even the province will not work and my son will forever pay for his mistakes.
    I am not against him having fun. i am against him having 'unsafe' fun. I am afraid that the temptation to try will result him in having a record.
    I know I miss the forest for the trees. But all I want is for him to know that he can make as many bow and arrow he wants at home..provided he won't aim at his sisters!
    How do i get him to understand that the 6 hours he is at school, just stay away from trouble, don't get suspended and that his mom loves him so much!

    Abt the teacher, I am so grateful to her that she only gave him a warning and not send him to the office!

  3. lol asking him to keep silent for 6 hours is still a trouble right? something like he is in tension until society is watching him 😉 he was mostly just playing..

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