The trobule with Everybody

My mother not only had 4 daughters, but also an entity called everybody. We always had to do what everybody did, irrelevant if we wanted or not.
Everybody mattered.
Perhaps it was her obsession with everybody that made me such a rebel, to an extent that I don’t care what everybody thinks/does/wants etc.

Yesterday was our garbage collection day. I am extremely particular about recycling and coupled with the fact that the city only collects recycling bin every alternate weeks means that my recycling bin is always full.
But my mother found perfect solution. She dumped all the Newspaper in to the normal bin saying that everybody does it. I tried telling her that I don’t care what everybody does, but things like Newspaper that can be perfectly recycled will go in to the recycle bin. If the bin is full, we will keep the newspaper for the next round.
She then had the audacity to tell me that I am weird! and I have lost my marbles. She doesn’t see why I should bother about such trivial things when everybody doesn’t bother.
I don’t know when she will understand that I am not like everybody. I am me.

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  1. Sorry for your predicament. We can still choose our in-laws but parents are rather pregiven…

    I have dealt a lot with this “everybody” for most of my life. Finally I had to put my foot down and say “why don't you just go and live with that everybody.” “If I am so messed up that you can't stand me then I guess you are to be blamed because you did a lousy job in raising me.” I lived in your house I followed your rules now it is my house and my life so my rules apply.

    May be this could help:


    Desi Girl

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