How I got cornered

I consider myself to be a fairly smart mother. I have enough life experiences to kind of figure out what my children are up to most of the time. But then again my children have learned the fine art of cornering me without me even realizing it.

I was taking my kids for swimming this evening and was stuck in the after school traffic jam. My daughter ( Yaya) very nicely asked me if dancing is considered a sport?
I didn’t waste too much time thinking about it. I was busy concentrating on the road. Besides I had this visual image of ice skaters competing and I told her yes, dancing is a sport.

At the pool it was time to decide if Yaya wanted to train for Quad as she has completed the swim levels. She informed me that she wasn’t going to continue with swimming.
We have 2 family rules that are enforced very strictly
1. They will join one sport ( minimum) and my kids chose Swimming.
2 If anyone wanted to do quit a sport they joined, they can only do so after a year.

I reminded her about the one sport rule and the one year rule.
She looked straight in to my eyes and said
“Mama, I finished all the swim levels and I want to join a dance class now”
And I asked her
“Since when did dance became a sport?”
She gave me that smile.
And I knew I lost!
( And I hate to lose)

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