The odds

I was a Malaysian in Canada 5 years ago, now I am a Canadian in Australia!!!

Years ago while watching the lonely planet Globe Trekker on telly, in one episode Ian Wright opens his passport after passing though some border control and getting his passport chopped, says ‘lovely stamps, passport full of stamps”.
I could identify with him, because i was just as crazy for travelling.

I was thinking of living in Australia for a year, then probably head to Venezuela (to see Angel fall) for a few months and then to Botswana 9Ever since watching Gods must be crazy in mid 80’s, I have been wanting to see the Okavango delta) for a few months then head back to Canada, just in time for Yaya to start grade 8 in an IB school..

I had it all planned.
Now I have my mother to worry about. She is becoming more frail as the days go by. She won’t survive the Canadian winter, besides it will take at least a decade to get her sponsorship to get through bureaucratic red tape in Canada.
The selfish part of me regularly regrets making the move to Australia. If I hadn’t come, I wouldn’t have gotten involved in all the family squabbles regarding division of responsibilities. The sensible part of me knows for sure that everything happens for a reason.
But still…..

2 thoughts on “The odds

  1. I do understand where u are coming and what you are saying.

    I do understand that a parent is a parent – esp Amma. But then, you also need to think for yourself and choose for yourself too and for your children.

    If Canada is what makes more sense, then I guess Canada it will be . I know it is easy for someone else to say and we all know what to do when it is not us. But I blv you should keep this in mind.

    Like I said, it is not easy. So good luck , in making the desicion whenever it will be.

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