Finally !!!

Well there is nothing that can be considered Finally. is there?
I always knew life is like a circle and at some stage you do end up where you left. Nah, not started..where you left.

My mom has moved in with me and with that my world has changed totally, absolutely, certainly and completely.
When one become a parent one would not think of the future where your children will divide you. My mother certainly never thought and never imagined that her children would one day decide her future.
My sisters had enough of her meddling ways and are keen to send her to an old age home.
I can’t.
I won’t.
So she is with me.
Before she came, my life was very organized.
I had friends for coffee most evening after school.
Friends of my children came over to my house every day.
My pots and pans were exactly where I kept them.

Now my friends are hesitant to come to my place. ( My mom won’t even say Hi to my friends and when they ask her something, she pretends she didn’t hear them)
She stand next to the my kids’ friends when they are having cookies that I baked for them, so they won’t eat more than one cookie.
My children’s friends are scared to come over and play at my place.

She helps me by putting my pots and pans away from the dish washer and I spend the better part of the morning hunting for the spatula, cutting board etc etc. I had told her many times that I will put the dishes away. But she does wake up before me and she wants to help me. ( I have no intention of waking up at 4 AM!)

So here I am.. trying to be a daughter, when all I want is to run far far far away.
But the love that I have for her will not let me.

7 thoughts on “Finally !!!

  1. How.Utterly.Bizarre.
    You hit the nail on the head, life really did come full circle.
    I think at the end of the day, you are the one that spent the most time with her, and you ultimately want to be the one closest to her. Good luck and kudos to you.

  2. Have been patiently waiting for you to write. Good to hear from you after such a long break!

    Hope things work out better with your mom. Kudos to you for taking on her responsibility.

  3. OMG!!OMG!! I hate to say it- But it sounds like the best movie plot forever. (Dont take insult though).
    Im so glad and proud that you're doing it for her. Im not sure whether I would have done the same.

    Life indeed comes in full circle.

    Hugs and please do write

  4. All the best to you and may the heavens above grant you patience and strength, when times get really rough and an always working iPod with headphones, that will drown out stuff you really don't need/want to hear, and so help you keep your sanity.

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