I lost someone I absolutely loved last night..
I should be devastated.. I should be..
But I feel nothing..absolutely nothing..Life seems to just the same way as it was before I was told.
Perhaps I am in denial..
I have to be..
Death of a loved one is supposed to be tragic..
Or is it that, I reached a point where I can block everything and pretend that everyone is alive in my world..
I don’t know..
Francois de La Rochefoucauld said that wind extinguishes flames and fans the fire..and perhaps I lost so much in my life that there is nothing left to burn..

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  1. 'When those we love go away, they never really leave us;
    they are with us now, wherever we are.
    Those whom we have cherished, live on forever,
    for love wraps itself around the heart.
    Although it's difficult now,
    someday beyond our tears and all the world's wrongs;
    beyond the clouds and all that we can see and touch,
    we shall all understand.'

  2. So Sorry about this Sarah.

    Sometimes we just tend to block things out and don't let them affect us. They make us unsure of our reactions and make us wonder … but it doesn't diminish our loss in way.

  3. So sorry to hear about your loss. Last week, my brother's life hung in balance for a while after he had a heart attack. Thankfully he is recovering now. My first thought was the same, this can't be happening. Can't be true.

    The pain comes later. Take care!


  4. Sarah,

    Just curious know about couple of things

    what happened to george in the end? Is he still alive?
    Will we get a chance to know more about u'r kid's dad?
    From your story , i got the feel that you are not in great terms with your mom and maria, but what abt the younger one's sally,liz?

    I know so many q's.C'dnt resist asking.

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