It feels like I have just walked in to a different world and I am petrified. It feels like a nightmare, but I am very much awake..

First of all we have the constant tears to deal with. This morning it was the hair. Yaya simply hates her hair. According to her, she has the worst hair on earth. This morning she wanted to tie her hair in to a pony tail and it simply didn’t come out right.
The tears were just rolling down her cheeks and my heart was breaking.
I knew there was no point in me telling her that she actually has gorgeous hair with natural brown to copper colour highlights.
If I tell her that she has lovely hair, she will reply that “You are my mother, you are supposed to say that”
If I keep quiet, she will say that ” See, even you agree that I have the worst hair on planet earth”

So I stood there like the “inji (or was that andi?) kadicha annan.. Which obviously made Yaya even more mad and her rants progressed to “You are the worst mother on planet earth, You don’t understand anything, I HATE YOU”
Which made the in house police man( AKA toothless dragon) mad and he started to tell his oldest sister how to behave!
Which progressed to heated discussion about constitutional rights! and ended with territorial disputes and slamming of the door.
I kept chanting, ‘this too shall pass’ over and over in my head.. But the thought that I will be going through this for another decade has seriously dented my confidence.

Then my younger one wanted me to listen to her favourite song on You tube and after listening to the lyrics, All I wanted was to cry.
My 7 yr old is listening to this song. I am sure( rather, I hope) she doesn’t understand the lyrics. I honestly want to smack Lilly Allen.
I am in a catch 22. If I tell my daughter not to listen to the song, she will be curious to know what was in the song that ticked me off. So not much of use telling her not to listen.
But the Mallu in me can’t stomach such sexual overtures in a song, especially when it concerns a 7 yr old.
The mallu mother in me want to protect my children from the big bad wolf. But short of going to the moon , there isn’t much I can do.. and I am still standing here like the inji ( andi) kadicha annan.

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  1. Kavitha: I knew something wasn't addin up. I couldn't figure out how the annan could get the inji !!! Thank you for correcting my mistake.

    Nilu: I too listen..(only when the kids are st school..)

    Hillgrandmom: It is indeed a scary world..

    Sujit: I am hoping that I won't screw up

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