In Australia !!!

I came prepared for weathering the Australian winter.. I even packed extra pairs of gloves for each of my children. ( Just in case they misplaced their gloves !! I didn’t want to go through the hassle of finding a shop to buy new pairs of gloves. I really didn’t want them to get frost bite)

When I landed in Sydney, the weather outside was 24 degrees! and my children were wearing two pairs of jackets and everyone was staring at ‘this’ group of weirdos..

oh before I forget, except the number 24, I didn’t understand a word the pilot spoke prior to landing for the matter even prior to take off.. He sounded like he had a mouthful of boiled tapioca in his mouth.

As we came out of the airport, I noticed that there are too many trees and all had leaves on them..and this is supposed to be WINTER!!!! I didn’t find a single tree that didn’t have any leaves.. There is something about trees without leaves.. it teaches you about cycles of life..

We went for a stroll in the Bondi beach and I learned that it is pronounced the way it is spelt..(Not bondee as I thought but bondii.

Kids will start schooling on Monday..I am preparing for the mutiny on Monday when they learn that they have to wear uniform to school.

So far, I am finding it extremely difficult to cope with the following..

Internet connection is very very very slow and I pay more than what I paid in Canada.
Almost all shop closes at 5.30 in the evening.
Wines are too cheap !!!! and I am too tempted!!!!
Very few East Indians especially Punjabis around.. I see more Caucasians every day!!
I wake up at 4 every morning.. (Nalla kalathu naalu mani kandittilla. )
I have no clue why I get up at that time.. It is a pretty weird jet lag
I haven’t found a thrift shop where I can buy books.

With all of those difficulties mentioned above comes the silver lining.. Absolutely Beautiful blue sky!!!
Now I shall go and fry some chooks for dinner.

5 thoughts on “In Australia !!!

  1. hats off to you sarah!! a new country a new life.. wow!!

    Hope to visit australia one day(actually my dream is just to get below the equator.. say “thottae” and rush back to the top…) What if I fall off the world eh??…:D

    hope you have a great time there…!!

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