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10 honest things about me

1. I have a nasty temper.. it usually surfaces when I have PMS. I swear when I am angry and since I can’t use any swear words at home, I swap f*** off with ‘jumping jelly beans’ or ‘pink polka doted flying pig’. The rest of the month I am as calm as the ocean when Halcyon is laying its eggs.

2. I absolutely hate talking over the phone. My family knows that and will call me once in a while to make sure I am still alive. I also have the habit of letting the answer machine take the calls when I am not in a mood, which happens very often.

3. I do not like to argue or fight. So I can walk away from a very good friendship if that person did something to annoy me, even when it is a trivial matter that could have been easily settled merely by talking.

4. I still read Harlequin books. One book a day(minimum). It usually takes me an hour to finish reading the whole book. My children’s grandmother is also a Harlequin fan and sends me a whole box of books every month. I love to receive free books!!

5. I collect recipe books. Not the fancy pansy ones.. I like unusual books. My favourite ones are
Food of India by Carol Selva Rajah and Priya Wickramasinghe
SE Asian specialities published by Hf Fullaman
Home baking by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid.

6. I can have a closet full of clothes and still not have any clothes to wear when I need to go out. I find fault in all permutations and combinations of mix and match and end up wearing the same old torn jeans and t shirts.

7. I like a clean home, but go through periods of absolute chaos. Right now my bed room looks as though a Hurricane has just gone through it. I have been giving away books and things I won’t be taking with me and somehow ended up with stuff everywhere. I know I should clean it up..But it might take days for me to bring myself to do it.

8. I dream of owning my own restaurant. I like to cook and I want a job where I am the boss. I think of opening a small family friendly restaurant that opens only for lunch and dinner. ( I am not a morning person, so breakfast is out of the question)

9. I don’t eat breakfast. Never liked the idea of eating something in the morning. I have a cup of tea every morning. Sometimes I forget to eat lunch and by evening I end up being very hungry and cranky.

10. Oh the worst of me. I speed when kids are not in the car and if there are no other vehicles on the road. I love the feel of driving fast. ( I know the dangers of speeding)

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  1. Thanx for doing it.Hope u enjoyed it.

    I dont know why.But I was very touched reading em.

    You are so different yet so familiar.

    You should start a restaurent.Who knows.Maybe it will becomes a big shot restaurent chain.Ur cooking recipes are awesome. Yeah.I have been there too and tried out munthiri achar and loved it

  2. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss breakfast – It is probably the most important food intake of the day!Of course you being a Doctor would know that ;^) ….

  3. You sometimes sounds similar or familiar to me… Best wishes for ur wish to be a restaurant owner… But personally I feel it can be hard for you… Right now cooking is ur passion and you have option to cook nice when u have mood for it. You can avoid making anything special any day and vice versa. Any vocation or passion, when it changes to profession its hard, i feel.
    Personally I feel it will be best if you have something which you can stop doing in 1 day and pack to a new place. May be a writer or some job which no one can shout @ u for not doing 😀

  4. Jina: it was fun doing the tag..
    About owning a big shot restaurant..
    I think I once wrote about the Amway guy coming home and asking me about my dreams and how disappointed he was because he couldn’t sell the ‘dreams’ ( Big Car, big house, big TV. etc etc) to me..
    I want to live, not exist.I want to watch the sunset each day..an occassional storm or two..I want to read..May be I will write..But that is it..Beyond that I don’t have any dreams for me.I am happy with what I have.
    (Maserati excluded..I want to feel the acceleration of going from 0 to 100 km in 5 seconds and drive at 270 km/h at least once in my life time)
    I was never interested in being rich or famous. My mother diagnosed my illness as a serious case of Escapism.. I think she is right..

    Zaara: I keep telling myself, I should stop speeding..but the moment I see a straight road and no cars around..Everything changes..

    Goutham: Old habits die hard..
    Now my oldest is following my step. She doesn’t eat breakfast either and I can’t preach what I don’t practice..It is so heartbreaking to see her going to school on empty stomach (though I do send a very healthy snack that she eats around 10.30 Am) and I now know what my mother would have gone through when I did the same.

    Vindys: You are absolutely right that when a passion becomes a job, it will be tough..
    Unfortunately for me, I don’t want to work as a doctor anymore and I am either over qualified or not qualified for any other jobs that I would like to do..
    The only thing that I can do is to cook..so owning a thattukada is the only option I now have..

  5. Yep it’s so true about the dreams… I am having the similar problem with dreams usually.. Anyway lets hope you have a very nice thattukada which you can move every day from place to place 😀

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