I have some personal issues that needs to be settled..
I will be away until Monday.

Meanwhile I was wondering if anyone know the web address of Bidar Institute of Health sciences, Specifically the Ortho Dept.

Can anyone tell me what are the accessories that I ‘must’ buy that doesn’t come with the wii console, so we can avoid ww3 at home? I have zero knowledge when it comes to electronics. What is the difference between Nunchuk and Wii remote? Do i need to buy the wireless version? Do I need a battery charging dock? What is the wrist strap for? Help me please..

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  1. when u buy a wii console you will get a nunchuk and a remote with it. You may need to order an additional remote…for few games like tennis, baseball ur kids can play against each other. I only have the wii sports dvd which comes free with the wii console. nunchuck is used only for boxing. probably you might want to buy additional DVDs that has kids games and an additional nunchuck might be useful. wrist strap is already attached to the remote. while playing tennis we use the wii remote as a raquet. sometimes u get into the game so much that u swing the remote aggressively and it may fly and hit the tv screen if u do not strap the remote to ur wrist. I bought Wii Charge Station by Nyco in amazon- to recharge the two wii remotes. But if u already have rechargeable AA batteries & charger u do not need this charge station. You need 2AA batteries for each remote.

  2. Munni: Thank you..If the three of them plays at the same time..how do connect three remotes ? Do I need anything else apart from buying two extra remotes, so three of them can play?

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